‘Nice As F**k’ Is The All-Girl Super Group You Need

With all of the changes and injustices happening in America and being in the midst of an absolutely crazy election, I’ve been surprised that protest bands haven’t made a comeback. That was until I heard about NAF. NAF (otherwise known as Nice As Fuck) is an all-girl trio consisting of indie queen Jenny Lewis, Tennessee Thomas of The Like and Erika Forster of Au Revoir Simone.

Their debut album Nice as F**k features many songs that address the current turmoil of the world. Mostly notably is the track “Guns” which features Lewis singing “Spilling our own blood/ I don’t wanna be afraid/ put your guns away.” Their single “Door” closes with the lyrics “If you believe in peace and love/ And the message from above/ Don’t close the door.” Their songs try to keep an even balance of spreading social awareness, while keeping a positive mindset.

NAF’s overall sound can be described as post-punk tinged with old school indie. Their songs are generally composed of driving drum and bass parts, heavy synth, and echo-y vocals provided by Lewis. If you’re a fan of Joy Division or mid 2000s indie rock, this is the band for you!

While NAF may still be quite under the radar, it doesn’t mean their music, lyrics, and overall ideology should be overlooked. There aren’t many all-girl super groups out there, let alone one that is really getting out there and discussing topics that are super important at this particular time. Not only are they spreading awareness and concern for many social issues, but they’re also releasing music that is just really really fun. Upbeat music with a good message. You can’t argue with that.

NAF’s debut can be found on iTunes and you can check out their single “Door”  down below!

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