The 9 Most Beautiful Streets In The World

Streets can be so much more than just a place to walk and drive. They can be a beautiful work of art, a cultural gem, or a historical site. We’ve rounded up a list of the most beautiful streets around the world so you can wander and meander for hours (and take some cool photos too).

Via Galuppi: Burano, Italy

Situated on an Italian island, this canal street is a technicolor dream. Take a boat ride or wander along the streets while perusing local shows, eating gelato, and taking some major wanderlust photos.

Bregagh Road: Ballymoney, Ireland 

This Irish country road looks straight out of a Disney movie. While in Ireland, take a sunset drive through these romantic intertwining beech trees known as the Dark Hedges. Planted in the 18th century, this road is the photographer’s dream. Oh, and supposedly the road is haunted by a ghost.

Dark Hedges

Rue Targui: Chefchaouen, Morocco 

No that isn’t an Instagram edit, all of the walls, streets, and houses in this city are painted in various hues of calming blue. The city is reportedly painted blue due to its Jewish history; however, there is more than one theory.  What matters, is that after 500 years of being closed off to foreigners, anyone can now wander the blue streets taking in the unique beauty and culture.


Lombard Street: San Francisco

One block and eight hairpin turns make up this street that is like a modern work of art. Though maybe scary to drive on, it is a breathtaking walk (and exercise). The street does not skimp on stunning greenery and flowers and beautiful San Francisco views.

Shambles: York, England

Voted the most picturesque street in Britain, Shambles is an English street in York that has been around since the 14th century. Many of the buildings even still remain, complete with timber frames and a slight lopsidedness that is oh so quaint and charming. Spend a whole day perusing shops, pubs, and cafes while feeling incredibly English.

Photo credit: ‘VistBritain/Andrew Pickett’

Cherry Blossom Avenue Germany

Located in the German city of Bonn, you can fulfill all your romantic fantasies walking down this wide avenue. In spring, cherry blossoms create a pink canopy over the street, and when the blossoms fall it leaves a magical pink dust.

(Photo by Ulrich Baumgarten via Getty Images)


Rua Gonçola de Carvalho: Porto Alegre, Brazil

Take a drive or a walk that you will never forget along this Tipuana tree-lined street in culturally-rich Brazil. The mossy green branches that stretch for 500 meters have been affectionately dubbed the ‘green tunnel,’ and has been fiercely protected by activists and residents alike. It is now an Ecological, Cultural, and Environmental Heritage site, and a reminder that streets can be way more than a way to get from point A to point B.

Rue Crémieux-Paris

Away from the tourist areas of downtown Paris, very near to the Gare de Lyon, sits this pastel wonderland. The residential street is painted in dreamy tropical shades that can be a refreshing color boost after spending a week with Parisians love of neutrals.

Diagon Alley, Universal Studios

Because it is the closest we will ever get to leaving the Muggle world. For hours, we can delight our inner child and explore all of our favorite wizarding world shops. Ollivanders, Borgin & Burkes, and, of course, the Leaky Cauldron.

Image from Variety
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