The Best Foods To Lessen PMS Symptoms

The cramps, the backaches, the sore breasts…. When does it end?! For some, the pain is unbearable; it prevents us from going about our day and concentrating during class. The solution to the perils of our periods is often popping Midol like Tic Tacs and eating every piece of chocolate or fried food in sight. We get it. Periods suck. But, what if instead of eating junk during this time of the month, we opted for healthier foods that could even reduce the pain? Now that sounds like a steal deal. Here are 8 foods that will help with your horrid PMS symptoms.

Before we start, we need to discuss what nutrients and vitamins we are losing with the loss of our uterine lining. Because you secrete blood during your period, your body is going to be short on Vitamin D, Calcium, and Iron; three essential nutrients. So how do we combat this loss…. our food, duh! So when you are thinking about foods you can eat during that time, think about foods that will give back the nutrients are losing. This is essential for reducing the pain… give the body what it wants ladies.

1. Yogurt

Alright, first up is a food packed with calcium. Yogurt is often overlooked as a snack that can help with PMS. Research has found that with an increase in the amount of calcium, comes a decrease in the PMS symptoms by up to 40%! Now that’s a statistic we can appreciate. Yogurt is also a superfood because it provides our bodies with healthy bacteria to help fight the bad bacteria. It’s basically Superwoman when it comes to fighting off PMS symptoms.

2. Salmon

Next, we wanna pack our bodies full of Vitamin D… but where do we get it? Fish. That’s right. Your favorite seafood can now be used to combat the symptoms of PMS. Now, if you aren’t jumping for joy at this high vitamin D option, you can also try mackerel or the herring fish, which also provide a variety of vitamins. Seems like quite the catch!

3. Guacamole

Avocados are one of Earth’s best gifts, and that’s something most of us can agree on. What makes this healthy fat even better is that it reduces PMS symptoms due to the high concentration of vitamin E. Doctors have claimed that one of the symptoms that this vitamin will target is cramps. Your favorite food just got a lot better! Next time you are having some period problems, head over to Chipotle girlfriend. Treat yourself.

4. Dark Chocolate

Okay, so we previously said that it’s not good to binge on chocolate and fried food when you’re dealing with your monthly gift. However, there is one exceptional exception. It’s called dark chocolate. A healthier version of milk chocolate, this sweet will provide an extra boost of energy when you’re in a slump. The chocolate is packed with antioxidants and endorphins so you’ll be feelin’ alert and alive after a few pieces of this miracle worker.

5. Caramel Corn

A fan favorite when it comes to carnivals and pumpkin patches, this treat can be used to fight those awful cramps and back pain. Caramel corn is composed of complex carbohydrates, which are important and provide the body with the energy it needs to fight these symptoms. Use your period as an excuse to down this delicious delight.

6. Broccoli

Okay, maybe not a fan favorite among most of y’all, but hear us out. Broccoli is made up of vitamin A, an important one when it comes to regulating our hormones. Feel happy one moment and crying at a commercial the next? Don’t fret. Chow down on some steamed broccoli with some low fat cheese and your hormones will be back to normal… and so will you!

7. Omelets

Breakfast has always been the most important meal of the day, but it just got a little more detrimental. During those unbearable cramps, opt for an omelet! Eggs provide our bodies with a variety of vitamins and healthy fats so your body can push the pain away! Add some tomatoes and spinach and feel like a brand new woman.

8. Bananas

We’ve always heard that the potassium in bananas combats cramps, but does that include those that come with our period? Heck yes it does! Bananas with a little bit of peanut butter will provide your body with what its craving during that week long torture time.

So we’ve given you a few ideas about what to eat during PMS, however, if you are looking at this list and thinking, “yuck, I wouldn’t eat any of that even if you paid me.” Don’t freak. Use this list as a guideline. Remember, the most important aspect of combating PMS symptoms comes in the vitamins and nutrients we are losing. Think about this the next time you run to the store to stock up on period food. Happy PMS ladies!

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