11 Ways To Shake Up Your Starbucks Drink Order This Summer

As a former Starbucks barista, I can tell you that there are always endless possibilities, even if you are something of a connoisseur. For instance, to the delight of the drink’s cult-like following, Starbucks recently released six new frappuccinos. But here’s the thing – these drinks were all possible before. Given the array of available ingredients, your drink is only limited by your own creativity. Here’re some ideas to change up your summer usual.

To step up your tea game…

Adding a flavor, such as peach or raspberry to your favorite tea (black, green or passion) will make them extra-delicious, as well as mixing teas with lemonade, any of the refresher flavors (cool lime, Valencia orange, or very berry hibiscus), or even the smoothie flavors (mango or strawberry). Some of the best combinations include passion tea lemonade, peach green tea, and passion tea with very berry.

If  you like your chai sweet…

Particularly with iced chai lattes, adding vanilla gives an extra sweetness.

If you like your chai spicy…

Add an extra pump of chai.

Or if you need an extra kick of caffeine…

A dirty chai – chai with a shot of espresso – is the way to go; this also adds a new flavor.

Debunk the “secret menu” myth…

Sorry, y’all. Technically there is no real “Secret Menu.” But go ahead and tell your barista the recipe! For example, the Harry Potter inspired “Butterbeer Frappuccino” created with a Creme Frap, 3 pumps caramel syrup, 3 pumps toffee nut syrup, and topped with caramel drizzle. (You may get a sugar rush but the nostalgia is worth it.)

The recipe for the perfect Frappuccino is…

Creativity. If you can imagine it, you can probably make a frappuccino of it. Combine the craziest things you can think of. Or even ask your barista for their ideas; my coworkers and I did a lot of experimenting with frappuccinos, so they’ll have a laundry list of options.

Satisfy Your sweet tooth…

Cookies and Cream everything; Get a double chocolate chip  frappuccino with white mocha. Mmmm.

When it’s five o’clock somewhere…

Try coconut milk (yep, they have that now) with cool lime and vanilla – it’s like a piña colada. (My personal favorite summer drink!)

“But first, coffee.”

Regular iced coffee with a splash of soy, and you have a lightly sweet drink that maintains our beloved coffee taste.

When you pull an all-nighter interning…

Try the Starbucks Double Shot on ice. A lot of espresso over ice. Strong, simple, and delicious.

Tired of watered-down coffee?

Try the new cold brew. It’s new and exciting and made for us hard-core coffee people.

Our Simple Tricks

Trick 1: Adding soy to any iced drink will make it lightly and perfectly sweeter, and may even revolutionize your favorite drink. Example: iced macchiatos with soy milk may change your life.

Trick 2: Another brilliant add-on with health benefits: matcha powder. In fact, you can even simply add it to water.

Trick 3: Ask your barista for a recommendation! If anyone knows coffee, it’s the masters of writing your name incorrectly.

There’s not a lot of ways to go wrong with drink experiments at Starbucks, so get a little crazy with it. There’s a world of possibility beyond your vanilla bean frappuccino.

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