12 Vacation Rentals That Will Give You Major Design-Envy

Forget Pinterest, Instagram, Houzz, or Tumblr – did you know that the source for the most amazing home design online is actually the vacation rental company HomeAway? From chic Parisian apartments to Italian villas straight out of Under The Tuscan Sun, HomeAway has stunning properties all over the world. Below we’ve rounded up 12 dreamy homes that’ll turn your mood board into your dream vacation.

New Orleans, Louisiana 

$66 per person a night / Sleeps 12
Rent it here!

Florence, Italy

$99 per person a night / Sleeps 16
Rent it here!

Brooklyn, New York

$108 per person a night / Sleeps 9
Rent it here!

London, England

$88 per person a night / Sleeps 16
Rent it here!

Colombus, Ohio

$44 per person a night / Sleeps 6
Rent it here!

Paris, France

$285 per person a night / Sleeps 4
Rent it here

Nantucket, Massachusetts

$154 per person a night / Sleeps 10
Rent it here!

Chicago, Illinois

$120 per person a night / Sleeps 7
Rent it here!

Manhattan, New York

$262 per person a night / Sleeps 3
Rent it here!

Newport, Rhode Island

$81 per person a night / Sleeps 4
Rent it here!

Transco, Brazil

$131 per person a night / Sleeps 8
Rent it here!

Zermatt, Switzerland

$359 per person a night / Sleeps 8
Rent it here!

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