3 Shocking Links Between Coffee and Anxiety

For many of us, our mornings are simply incomplete without a cup of coffee— that quick burst of caffeine is vital to tread through the day. While coffee may be apart of your daily routine, you may be unaware of the many negative side effects, most of which correlate with high levels of stress and anxiety. Before you grab that cup of jo, read through and educate yourself on the Lala’s list of the shocking links between coffee and anxiety.


With caffeine consumption, often follows insomnia. Caffeine can interfere with your sleep stages, resulting in anxious, restless nights. One of the most important factors of maintaining a healthy mind and body is getting a good night’s sleep. In order to have the most relaxing and anxiety-free sleep, try limiting your coffee consumption throughout the day.


The jittery sensation you experience after a cup of coffee is caffeine stimulating your “flight or fight” response. While it may help wake you up in the morning, it can also result in intense anxiety— even triggering anxiety attacks.


While you may grab a coffee on a stressful, hectic day hoping it will calm you down, it can actually have the opposite affect. Caffeine can increase your heart rate, blood pressure, and spike your stress hormone levels.


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