6 Meditation Apps For Beginners

Although it’s easy to dismiss the practice of meditating as a passing trend, the data praising its benefits begs to differ. Meditation, which has ancient roots, is said to ease anxiety, promote mindfulness and clear thinking, and have multiple other mental and physical benefits. In spite of knowing how helpful developing my own practice may be, every time I’ve tried to meditate in the past has ended once my mind wanders and I succumb to feeling hungry/tired/bored.

Thankfully, there are apps for that. A quick search through the Apple App Store yields a variety of options that are perfect for those beginning their meditation practice. After experimenting with several apps, I’m looking forward to solidifying a practice of my own.


1. Headspace

Perhaps the best-known meditation app on the market, Headspace is perfect for beginners. It includes videos that explain how to meditate, mini exercises, and a calming design that’s immediately welcoming. The meditations are talked through, and they tell listeners exactly what to do. The beginning “pack” is free, but there’s a monthly, yearly, or lifetime fee to unlock the other various sets.


2. Insight Timer

Insight Timer takes cues from social media by allowing you to find your friends and share your practice with them. Its goal is to create the “best free meditation app on the planet,” and its 9,000+ free meditations seem to suggest that it’s meeting its goal. The only foreseeable charge is $3 a month if you’d like to access your meditations offline.


3. Simple Habit

This app features meditations from teachers around the world. There are multiple 5 minute meditations, emphasizing the ease of integrating a routine into your life. It offers a free 30 days, and charges monthly after that.


4. 10% Happier

10% Happier is up-front with its accessibility for the average person with its motto, “meditation for fidgety skeptics.” It has a free 7-day trial, and an added bonus of allowing users to communicate with real meditation coaches.


5. Calm 

If you’re a nature lover, this is the meditation app for you. Scenic views and wildlife sounds are woven throughout the experience and create a soothing atmosphere. The app offers master classes along with regular meditations and a free week-long trial.


6. Meditation Studio

Meditation Studio offers a free 10-day trial to its users. It boasts multiple teachers and a simplistic design that brings you straight to the point. Plus, there’s an option for an unguided meditation once you’ve moved past the beginner stage.


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