How To Master The One-Day Technology Detox

Once upon a time, we lived in a world where choosing a filter didn’t exist and photos were shared on the fridge. Tweeting was the sound of a bird and snapping was to create friction between your thumb and middle fingers. And, if you’re anything like me, snapping was a huge accomplishment. These, my friends, were the days of childhood before we were haunted by the awesome power of technology.

First thing’s first – technology is awesome. It can save lives, transport us across the country, connect us with others. Technology says yes to online shopping (can I get an amen?) and it’s the reason you’re able to read this article right now (another amen, please).

Technology makes knowledge and information easily available, which let’s people live a contemporary and fast paced lifestyle. Pretty cool, right?

Absolutely. But for many people our age, technology takes over in the form of cell phones and laptops. We spend countless ours scrolling through Instagram, updating our Twitter profile or waiting for that perf lighting to take a selfie on SnapChat. Maybe it’s Buzzfeed, maybe it’s Pinterest or maybe it’s an infinite number of emails – whatever it is, I don’t care.

It’s time for a tech detox.

So, what’s it like to live without technology? Simply put, it’s a lot like childhood. Carefree, refreshing and pretty damn fun.

Last week, I spent some time away from technology by default. Away from home and ultimately away from any real civilization, I had no service, no connection to Wi-Fi – zip, zilch, zero.

But, pretty quickly, initial terror dissolved into complete bliss. I switched my phone to airplane mode and enjoyed three days tech free. Here’s my advice on spending a day without technology.

Tell Mom

Moms like to keep in touch, so make sure to let her know that you won’t be using your phone for a day. While you’re at it, tell dad, brother, sister, friend, cousin, neighbor, classmate, whoever. Let’s avoid the classic “where-the-hell-are-you-and-why-aren’t-you-answering-my-calls” mishap. Oh and while you’re letting your friends know, get them on board, too. It’s way easier when you have a buddy.

Remove All Devices From the Premises

Switch over to airplane mode and put the phone in a drawer with any other forms of technology you have. Worried about time? Wear a watch. Wanna take cute pics? Mental pictures (a.k.a. memories) are just as good, if not better.

Plan an Adventure

The best thing to do while on a tech detox? Go outside! You’ll actually see and enjoy things when you’re not glued to your cell, plus spending time outside is sure way to feel like a kid all over again. Visit the park, take a walk or have a picnic.

Weather’s not looking too hot? Stay indoors with a good book or play a board game like Monopoly. If you’re looking for something a little more active, try a game of Sardines. My friends and I played in a single, completely dark room – 3 words: epic, humorous and terrifying.

Let Go and Freakin’ Enjoy

Don’t stress about not having any technology on you – enjoy it! It’s completely refreshing to leave behind the pressures of social media or the constant ding of a new text message and just enjoy the company of good friends.

No phone, no problem.

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