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It seems like these days, beauty hacks always revolve around the same few things: how to get that Kylie Jenner pout, or how to clean your makeup brushes with baby shampoo. From “clown” contouring, to heating up your lash curler with a blow dryer, some of these “hacks” actually turn out to be a lot more work than they’re worth. Like seriously, who wants to buy all of those concealers for clown contouring? And, putting your eyelash curler near a blow dryer sounds like it could end with some unpleasant shock waves (pun very much so intended).

Here at the Lala, the term “hacks,” means short, simple and sweet. So, to fulfill all your beauty hack desires and to sprinkle some practicality into your makeup routine, we’ve rounded up a list of six beauty hacks that are not only unique, but are extremely true to their ‘hack’ title. 




So without further ado…

Why: This one is probably one of my favorite tricks of the trade. Because not only can it pretty much eliminate the thought of buying a cream base or shadow, it also shows how versatile and fun makeup actually is. Making an eyeshadow into a creamy consistency (also known as foiling) is a brilliant trick because it will really make your shadow last all day into night.

How: Pat some shadow or loose shadow onto a flat shader brush. Spray the tip of the brush with a makeup setting spray (you can also use water, but a makeup setting spray will keep your creamy shadow way more intact). And pat it on your lid. Boom, done.

Why: Ah, the good old middle school dance trick. Back in the day, chances are, when you started using perfumes or colognes, you sprayed that stuff on EVERYWHERE. On your neck, on your wrists, on your shoulders, on your back. You smelled like an Axe commercial gone wrong. People probably cringed as they walked by you, feeling like they just walked into an Abercrombie store, where shoppers often lose the ability to breathe correctly.

But, your little middle school mind was onto something: spraying it everywhere somehow made it last, FOREVER (even if it was like, wayyyyy too strong..). The trick back then is the same it is now: you sprayed it so much that it certainly ended up on your clothes and in your hair. And that, my Lala-loves, is how perfume stays on for ages.

How: Spray away at the neck of your shirt and the bottom of your sleeves. Finish off with spritzing the ends of your luscious locks. PRO TIP: don’t spray it too close, keep the bottle at least 10-12 inches away from you. This will ensure that you avoid any  potent Axe or Abercrombie-like disasters.

Why: Trust us, this hack is a lifesaver. Remember that one time you came home from a party at 4 AM and you went into your drawer to get a makeup wipe to take off your makeup from the night? And you reach in for the last one and realize it’s completely dried out? Yep. That’s happened to us way too many times to count. But we’ve figured out a way to get around this. Store the wipes upside down! This keeps the moisture intact on every single one. We swear.

How: We think this one is pretty self explanatory.

Why: They say great minds think alike. Well, so must great beauty products. Like our makeup removing friends, paint pots and cream shadows live a much healthier shelf and storage life if they are stored upside down. Pretty much the same science is behind this one: the moisture is kept more intact. Also, cream shadows can be extremely pricey, so the less often you have to replace them, the better.

How: See “How” of Makeup Hack No.3.

Why: This one is such a fun one. Because most people are always afraid to do it. But, what they don’t realize is, eye pencil can totally double as lip liner because the formulas are nearly identical. Lip kohls and eye kohls are made of the same kind of stuff, the only difference between the pencils is pretty much color (note: this only goes for matte shades, not shimmery ones). Lining lips with deep brown and copper eye liners will really enhance a dark lip, and we honestly love the results.

How: Pick up your eye pencil and sharpen it (we want to make sure the tip is freshly new!). Then go ahead and line your lips. Feel free to fill them in too!

Why: And finally, last but not least, this hack really teaches you that loose eyeshadow or pigments are perhaps the most versatile in your whole collection. And, now you can show off your favorite loose shadow on your eyes and your nails. There’s pretty much nothing better than that.

How: It’s as easy as an A,B,C, 1, 2, 3, all of that combined in all honesty. Simply pour out some of your topcoat or clear polish into a jar, and mix in your loose shadow. #BOOM!

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