We Asked College Girls About Their Secret Drunk Food Habits (And It’s Hilarious)

I asked 10 college girls about the most embarrassing drunk food they’ve ever eaten, and I was met with arched eyebrows and nervous giggles almost every time. The immediate words out of most girls’ mouths were “I need to think about it.” Then, there was that moment of realization when they finally thought of their answer, often accompanied with blushing cheeks or a smile.

There was a lot of laughter that occurred while I conducted this (very informal) survey. The girls I asked were equal parts embarrassed and proud and everyone seemed to have a great sense of humor about it.

But, hey, we’ve all been there: drunk and hungry, searching the fridge for food. While some people take the greasy food route, others will put pretty much anything in their stomach when they’re intoxicated. Here’s a compilation of some of the interesting, weird, and gross responses I got to my question.

“Once I ate Cheez-It snack mix off the floor of a college dorm room. I’m pretty sure it was mostly dirt, dust, and a piece of hair though….” -Danielle

“One of my friends was making macaroni and cheese when the other walked in the door with Chinese food. They dared me to mix the two together and eat it, so I did. I don’t recommend it.”-Elizabeth


“A brick of Ramen. Uncooked.” -Nicki

“I had a slice of pizza and a bowl of lucky charms. My pizza fell in the cereal, so I just decided to put the cereal on top of the pizza and eat it that way. The marshmallows mixed with pizza was the worst part.” -Katie

“An entire cheese pizza. Well, not the crust. Some random guy came by and asked for it though.” -Francesca

“Eggs with chicken, potatoes, and pieces of cut up hot dogs. The most impressive part was that I cooked it myself. Don’t ask how or why. Also, I’m allergic to hot dogs.” -Kailey

“Beef stew.” -Shannon

“A Reese’s cup with the wrapper still on it. I actually swallowed it.” -Jessi

“Mac and cheese bites from the late night food place on campus. I wouldn’t ever eat them unless I was drunk.” -Annie

No matter what you’ve eaten after a night of drinking, remember it’s okay to look back and laugh about that one time you ate 2 entire McDonald’s meals in one sitting. Just remember to take care of yourself and your body while drinking.

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