10 Reasons To Switch Your Major To Computer Science Right Now

Computer Science is more than code and computation. It’s problem solving, creativity, art, and allows for the impossible to become possible. As cheesy as that may sound, it is the ultimate truth. Ask the dude that can create music by simply waving his arms and legs around.

This is one of those professions where if you can think of it, you can actually make it. And not only that, but they are in dire need of some hard working students to employ. Here are 10 reasons, why switching your major to computer science is looking like a pretty good idea.

There Are So Many Jobs

You rarely hear these words spoken, but in the computer science industry you just might. There are currently 607,708 computing jobs available with only 42,969 computer science students to fill them. In a way, you get to choose the job you want, rather than them choosing you.

The Industry Needs Women

This is a trending issue of the science and technology industries that many od us are familiar with. According to National Girls Collaborative Project, only 18.2% of the computer science industry is female. Only 18.2%! Therefore more and more employers are looking for qualified women in order to bridge this gap. This is also an issue in colleges, where many young women who start in the science and technology fields actually switch into something else due to a lack of support from classmates, intimidation, and treatment from professors. Thankfully this issue had become more prominent and more efforts have been made to encourage women to stick with whatever they are passionate about. Nothing should keep anyone from pursuing a certain career, let alone in an industry that needs them.

You’ll Get To Move To A Cool City

Many young graduates dream of living in the middle of a big city, such as New York City. Well, New York City is actually a top city that needs computer science majors. Other awesome cities in need of these graduates include San Francisco, Atlanta, Seattle, and Chicago.

…Or Work Abroad

Many young graduates not only dream of living in a big city, but also dream of living abroad. For these adventurous souls, there are so many global opportunities available. Think about all the people in the world that have smart phones? No wonder the world needs more and more people able to code and create at a global level.

You’ll make that Money, Money, Money

While money can’t buy happiness, that doesn’t mean we don’t all like to have some to pay the bills, buy food, and hopefully have some leftover. Computer science is a very lucrative industry with a starting salary starting at $59,800. This can grow up to $100,00 or more depending on years of experience and position. Even if you do freelancing instead, it can pay around $100 or more per hour depending on the service. Not bad.

If you can dream it, you can make it

As stated earlier, if you dream it you can make it. This is such as exciting concept. Consider the movie, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” with Brad Pitt. The special effects experts behind this project did not want to use prosthetics to create an 87-year-old version of Brad Pitt nor did they want to settle for mediocre technology. This TED talk gives a great insight into the process and seemingly impossible path. As we know, the end product was incredibly realistic and changed the special effects industry. This is just one of the many examples where some hard working individuals made an idea come to life.

You’ll Gain Some Major Hard Skills

Next time you get a great idea, you can think how you are going to create it rather than wondering who is going to create it. Computer Science gives you a skillset that enables you to think conceptually and to physically create. Today, being able to make what you want is so important especially if you want to go into a more artistic and creative field. One of the best pieces of advice many young creative receive is to go out and make their own stuff. This major enables you to do so.

Every industry needs you 

There might be another industry that interests you besides computer science. This is a good thing! Luckily, computer science can be taken into almost any industry. And trust me, they want/need it. Some of these other industries include health technology, gaming, interactive software, music, art, theater and dance, film, engineering, advertising, business, journalism, animation, natural sciences and so many more.

You’ll get the scoop before anyone else

There is a lot of great technology out there that many of us don’t know about. However, this is probably some of the most advanced technology. It just takes a little longer for it to become a part of the mainstream environment. With a background in computer science, you could be on the forefront of new inventions, ideas, and possibly something that could really change society.

Challenges are Good for Us

Overall, computer science offers to many great opportunities. While given the ability to make dreams come true and create amazing results, this is still a very difficult major. What makes it difficult are all the challenges that many encounter. However, challenges enable us to gain more knowledge, consider the unknown, and improve the world we live in. It’s hard for a reason and it’s seems to be so worth it.

So if you are having doubts about your major or have just been accepted into college and are trying to decide on a major, this might be a good one to consider.


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