14 Apps You Need To Download Before School Starts

Back-t0-school is here. That means a new wardrobe, new school supplies and don’t forget new apps. Apps have the power to turbo-charge your college life. From staying connected to staying organized, we bring to you the lineup of back-to-schools must-have apps.

1. For The Social Student On-The-Go:

Yahoo LiveText

This new app combines two features for a seriously genius result that is perfect for us students. It combines texting with live video and removes the sound. So you can get the intimacy of eye contact and face-to-face communication, but with the silence that is sometimes needed to communicate in places like the library or coffee shop. The app is generating a lot of buzz for its cross between texting and Facetime for good reason. It’s new, it’s interesting and we can’t wait to try it out.

iOS & Android

2. For The Math Wiz (In Training):


Sometimes no matter how much you wrack your brain you. just. get. stuck. Photomath is an incredible visual calculator that can help. All you have to do is take a photo of a math problem and the app will automatically solve it for you and break down the solution into steps. Warning: this app is meant to be a teaching tool that helps you learn and understand, NOT something to do your homework for you. Don’t get lazy, girl.

iOS & Android

3. For The Girl Cramming For The GRE:

Vocabulary Builder

For those of you getting ready to head to grad school and take the GRE (or for someone who just wants a kickass vocabulary) this app is the perfect time filler. The 1200 words you will be taught and tested on via this app were hand picked by experienced GRE tutors so your focus doesn’t go to waste.

iOS & Android

4. For The Informed Student:

Yahoo News Digest

Finally, an app that understands how we need our news delivered. Newsletters. This gorgeous, highly visual app sends 10 need-to-know news stories to your phone both in the morning and evening, mimicking how the morning and evening newspaper is traditionally read. Instead, this app uses sleek photos and condensed copy that pools for all different categories, such as entertainment, world and sport.

iOS & Android

5. For The Pocket Linguist:


Spend the little gaps in your day doing something a bit more productive than browsing Twitter. Tried and true, this language learning app uses a simple interface and proven design to help you master French..or Spanish…or Portuguese. The app starts at the basics and tracks your perfection until you are “parfait.”

iOS & Android.

6. For The Visual Organizer: 


Designed specifically for us students, this app will organize all of your exams, lessons, activities, tasks, homework etc. in an extremely pretty and easy to digest timetable that you can customize. Not only is it a fabulous way to take your planner to digital, but it is packed with little features such as automatically muting your phone during class.


7. For The Organized Addict:


This multi-platform workspace syncs between all of your devices and is a mega-popular favorite for a reason. Notes, checklists, photos, video messages, collaborations. The list goes on and on for everything this clean interface power organizer can do.

iOS & Android

8. For The Constant Oversleeper:

Alarmy: Sleep If You Can

Dubbed the world’s most annoying alarm clock, this will become your worst enemy and your best friend. The alarm will not stop blaring until you get up and take a photo of a predetermined object, such as your bathroom sink. So you’ll fall asleep with confidence that your annoying new friend will get you out of bed.

iOS & Android 

9. For The Work Out Junky:

7 Minute Workout

Having a busy schedule is no longer an excuse to skimp on a workout. 7 Minute Workout has “12 high intensity bodyweight exercises. 30 seconds per exercise, 10 seconds rest between exercises” based on scientific principles. You’ll get an outline on how to do each workout and then a voice will guide you through the whole seven minutes so you don’t have to mess with words or timers while you sweat. It’s fast, intense and effective–perfect for squeezing between work and exams.

iOS & Android.

10. For The Hungry College Gal:


Eating healthy is a major must-do in college. But with all the things you are juggling, sometimes organizing food is last on your list. MealBoard’s clean design allows you to import recipes from websites, create grocery lists that actually will sort ingredients by aisle depending on what store you are in, plan meals, move your purchased ingredients into your pantry section and more. It’s such an easy way to keep track of what you have and how to eat it.


11. For The Sleep Deprived:

Sleep Cycle

It’s funny, sleep becomes more precious as it becomes increasingly rarer. Sleep Cycle is the app that makes the most out of every second of your sleep. Reviewed and praised, this app works. You place the phone on your bed and it will track your sleep cycle. Within a thirty minute window that you set, the app will wake up when you are in your lightest pattern of sleep. This ensures that you will feel the most rested and feel as if you woke up naturally. You will also get graphics that show your sleep patterns. Yay for energy.

iOS and Andriod.

12. For The Visual Learner:

Flashcards Deluxe

Science shows that using flashcards is an extremely effective way to study, and Flashcards Deluxe lets you study just about anything (and doesn’t waste paper). You can make flashcards that use photos, sounds, spelling tests, multiple choice options and more and the app will automatically sort the cards based on your previous performance. So ace that test.

iOS & Android

13. For The Shameless Web Addict:


As much as we all try, we can’t deny that the allure of cute kitten videos and Facebook stalking pulls especially when we have a huge paper to do. And sometimes we need something physical to control us. SelfControl allows you to add your most distracting websites to a blacklist and set a period of time when these apps are forbidden. You will thank yourself later.

14.  For The Restless Sleeper:

Relax Melodies

The roommate blasting “Blank Spaces,” the guys yelling at a game on TV upstairs, or the dead silence of an empty apartment. These are just a few of the irritating noises that come with college life and they can be especially disruptive to sleep. Enter Relax Melodies. This app has so many sound options, so if white noise freaks you out you can choose something like campfire, cat purring, or urban rain. Plus you can layer sounds to create your perfect dream soundscape. Bonus: There are even tones for meditation and concentration.

iOS & Android.

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