17 Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas For Your Not-So-Typical Bride

Want to plan the bachelorette party to end all bachelorette parties for your bestie? The problem arises when no one idea fits your unique bride-to-be.

So, skip the typical. Here are 17 fun bachelorette party ideas for your not-so-typical bride.

Sleepover Old-School Style

Channel your inner preteens by having an old-school style sleepover. Have it at your house or rent a fancy hotel room with amazing room service. Watch a ton of your favorite movies or really bad ones about bachelorette parties. Don’t forget the ice cream sundaes and cocktails.


Get together with scrapbooking supplies and compile all your best memories surrounding your gal pal adventures. Enjoy endless Pinterest fails. Decorate matching jean jackets as your versions of the Pink Ladies.

Paintball in Bridesmaid Dresses

Never going to wear those dresses again and got them on the cheap? Redo your bridesmaid dresses with a little bridal paintball. The photos will certainly be unique and hilarious!

Scavenger Hunt

Does the bride love games? Upgrade the bachelorette party with a scavenger hunt that involves solving riddles, chatting up strangers and traveling.

Learn to Make Cocktails

Everyone has their go-to drink, but the bride and her gals should make their own signature cocktail together. Take a class and end the night by creating a special cocktail. Start with a base like whiskey or gin and add a flavored liqueur. Include herbs and berries for a fruity touch.

Cook Together

If the Bride-to-Be loves to travel, but you’re all on a budget, have a culinary around-the-world adventure and spend an evening cooking dishes together from your favorite locations around the world!

Learn to Pole Dance

Feel your sexy and learn how flexible and strong you really are by taking a pole dance lesson together. You’ll emerge feeling more confident and in love with your body.

Sky Dive

Are the bride’s feet tingling to go down the aisle and take the big plunge? Take a physical plunge together by skydiving.

See a Psychic

Whether you believe in psychic abilities or not, getting your fortune told is a rite of passage. Check it off the bridal bucket list. Get a weather forecast about the big day and then some. Alternatively, buy some tarot cards, get a guidebook, light some candles and do your own readings.

Road Trip It

Take the weekend and go somewhere you all haven’t before — or drive down memory lane. Pick a point of interest on the GPS, and get the heck out of dodge to have a grand adventure together.

Glamp Out

Skip the nightclub and head out into nature. Rent a cabin or a yurt with all the amenities on your glamping adventure — 45 percent of people say camping reduces stress, and 30 percent experience health improvements. Help the bride clear her mind of wedding preparation stress and glamp out.

Take a hike, go horseback riding and learn about herbs on the trail. Spend a night out under the stars, and give the constellations new names while you eat s’mores.

Self-Care Day Tour

Spend the day getting pampered at your favorite places or pampering each other. Do makeup, facials and massages. Go to the thrift store and give yourselves a fashion makeover. Go the extra mile and make over your thrift find with accessories — add a black jacket and belt to a leopard print dress. Then, wear your finds out to dinner and drinks.

Attend a Festival

Cities and town offer many kinds of fun festivals to enjoy. What’s your preference? Choose from festivals on food, beer, crafts, dance and more. Enjoy all the food and endless entertainment for a reasonable price.

Visit a Comedy Club

Search for the bride’s favorite headliner, and visit a comedy club to see the show. Many small bars and other venues also host comedy nights.


Stop stressing over the bachelorette party, and decide to give back through volunteer efforts. Stay the night at a soup kitchen, or help clean up a creek. Walk dogs, read to kids and visit the elderly. Choose an effort close to the bride’s heart, and wear your hearts on your sleeves for a day.

Make a Bachelorette Bucket List

What does the bridal party need to do together one last time? What’s one thing each of you needs girl power to get done? Make it fun, but also make it change your life for the better. You may not get to everything, but a bachelorette bucket list may be the hilarious kick in the butt you all need to grab life by the horns.

Play Poker

You don’t have to head to Vegas to get your gamble on. Gather the gals and have a poker night by learning the basics, and remember to bet heavy when you have a strong hand. Wear your best hats, and remember to keep a straight face.

Your not-so-typical bride will love these 17 ideas, as odd as she is. From old-school sleepovers to a poker night, mix and match these mini-adventures to create an unforgettable evening and send her down the aisle relaxed and excited.

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