5 Women’s Mags That Are Doing Journalism Right

Now more than ever, there are so many sites with women readers in mind. But sometimes, it’s hard to figure out which sites are worth scrolling through, especially when you’re trying to get your news and culture fix in one place and get a dose of girl power along with it. Lucky for you, we put together a list of five online women’s magazines that are getting journalism absolutely right.

1. Clutch Magazine

Clutch is a site every millennial black woman should bookmark. They are not afraid to be up front and personal about issues and triumphs, tragedies and successes that black women fight and celebrate. For instance, they recently covered a moment of history-making with director Gina Prince-Bythewood has been tapped to be the first black woman to direct a superhero movie! That’s some true #blackgirlmagic.

2. Darling Magazine

Darling Magazine knows and sees the many facets that women take on in their day to day life. One part lifestyle blog and a whole lot of cultural savviness makes Darling a well-rounded read that places women’s interests first. Need some career inspiration, especially if you’re pursuing a communications career? Darling made sure to curate a list that has so much girl power in action.

3. Miss Millennia Magazine

You can almost think of Miss Millennia Magazine as a guide to living your best life as a millennial woman. They pull out all the stops to ensure that the information you’re reading is as accurate as possible, from having strict editing and research guidelines. Plus, with tips from dating to finances, Miss Mill Mag has you covered with any emergency you could have as you go from #adulting to be a true grown-up. However, they do know how to have fun while being smart, as this article about getting paid to travel the world can attest.

4. Mary Review

A magazine with the goal of finding women’s voices “to bring parity to the wider journalistic conversation,” Mary Review certainly delivers that and more. They cover stories ranging from a pop star who “creates patriotic anthems for people at war” to women who work in the trucking industry (a typically male dominated job). They’re not afraid of the complicated and untold story, and they tell it beautifully.

5. Teen Vogue

You knew this one would make the list. Since Editor-in-Chief Elaine Welteroth took over, Teen Vogue has become the “voice of the resistance,” as some call it. We call it good journalism and greater self-awareness of what the readers want and need in this day and age. Some people are shocked that Teen Vogue covers fashion and social justice issues, sometimes in the same breath, as writer Lauren Duca so boldly embodies in her “Thigh-High Politics.”


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