7 Dorm Room DIYS To Start This Summer

One of the best things about living in a dorm on campus is that every year is a blank slate. Those fresh white walls are just begging to be covered in something pretty. Changing up your décor on a yearly basis can get costly, though. The solution? DIY it! Summer break is the perfect time to pull together some easy DIYs. The best part is that every one of these can be customized to fit your personal aesthetic.

Make a Tassel Garland

Pick out your favorite color scheme and make an easy garland to hang over your window, the wall above your desk or along the bottom of your bed. A lot of craft stores offer bundle deals so you can get multiple rolls of yarn for a discount.

Print Your Favorite Instas

Instead of having to scroll through your camera roll to reminisce, pick out your favorite photos and have them printed. Don’t know how? We’ve got you.

Washi Tape is Your New BFF

Heavy frames and cinderblock walls don’t really seem to get along well. That’s where washi tape comes in. DIY your own gallery wall and use fun washi tape to hold it up. It comes in hundreds of prints and colors to match your style and you can use the leftovers for this project. You can also use washi tape to decorate those bland dressers and desk.

For the Beauty Lovers

Pull out your prettiest lipsticks and pucker up. This DIY is perfect for hanging over your makeup station. Even cuter? Have your BFFs kiss the page in their signature color and sign their name, as a cute reminder of the girls.

Print Your Pinterest Board

Put your Pinterest account to use and print out your favorite quotes and photos. You can print them at home on cardstock or regular computer paper or send them to your local photo center and get them printed on large glossy sheets.

Wrap a headboard

Need a little color in your life? Try wrapping a picture frame in colorful gimp here. 

Smell the succulents

Besides the fact that it’s nearly impossible to kill succulents, the best part of these pretty plants is the colorful pots you can place them in. Check out our planter DIY.

Make It Up

Give your room a more personal touch by adding your own handwritten quotes or your own art. Finally, all those calculus class doodles will come in handy. Prefer to color inside the lines? Tear out your favorite finished pages from a pretty coloring book for a unique art piece.

Or Let Us Make It For You

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