7 Go-To Crockpot Recipes Just In Time For Fall

Between classes, homework, and festive activities, there’s not always time to make an elaborate meal. Unless of course, that meal is made in a crockpot while you’re out doing your thing. Here are seven super easy and delicious crockpot recipes that are sure to help get you through the Fall season.

Creamy Loaded Potato Soup

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Potatoes simply take forever to boil or bake. This crockpot recipe lets the cooking time pass without you having to babysit at the stove, so you can go do fun fall activities. A spin on classic potato soup, this version is bursting with flavor from well, bacon. Not to mention it’s affordable, and done in five hours.

Easy Crockpot Chili

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“Nothing beats the chill like chili.” Get cozy with this super easy chili recipe. You’ll only need some ground beef, a couple cans of beans, and some seasoning. The best part about chili is that you can customize it however you want. Cheese, sour cream, chips, anything else your cozy little heart desires.

Chicken Parmesan

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I love this recipe because it has perfected the art of non-soggy chicken by taking a non-traditional approach of adding breadcrumbs and cheese last. It’s brilliant. You can do it up by adding pasta too. The recipe is affordable and with only 6 ingredients, it’s as easy as it gets. For all the Italian food lovers who are ballin’ on a budget, this one goes out to you.

Chicken Fajitas

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This recipe is great because the prep work is so easy. You just chop up some peppers and onion and throw it into a pot with spices and chicken. It only takes about three hours, so even on a day when you’re rushing, it’s easy to throw together. When it’s done, you can eat it as is, or with a tortilla. This makes great leftovers, too.

Mac and Cheese

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This six-ingredient recipe will hit you right in the childhood. Simply throw all the ingredients in the pot, and start checking for doneness at about an hour and a half. It’s quick and easy so you can watch it with your favorite fall movies after you do your homework of course… It’s comfort food at its finest.

Philly Cheesesteaks

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The prep work on this recipe is a little harder than the rest, but the outcome is completely worth it. Outside from chopping the meat and veggies, you’ll have to cook the meat a bit. After that, it’s smooth sailing in the crockpot until it’s finished. When it’s done, throw it on a hoagie with any extra toppings you can think of to make it taste like your version of the perfect Philly cheesesteak.

Cinnamon Roll Casserole

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For when you’re feelin’ fancy, and cinnamon rolls just won’t cut it. This recipe makes cinnamon rolls ten times more enjoyable (oh, it’s possible). This could easily be the star of a fall brunch. You can even let it cook while you’re getting ready for the day, and then eat it yourself. It’s easy, and it doesn’t even take three hours to cook. #winning

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