7 No-Brainer Ways To Boost Your Health

We all know the typical healthy living tenets–drink water, get plenty of sleep, exercise, etc. But this summer, we urge to do a little bit more to add an extra dose of “ohm” to your life without sacrificing a ton of time or effort. The following tips..a little strange, a little off beat, but majorly life changing.

1. Start your morning with water and lemon

Gwyneth. Beyoncé. Jennifer. This is every It girl’s secret tip to health living. Right when you wake up don’t reach for your cup of joe or breakfast bagel. The very first thing you consume should be warm water with half of a lemon. Drinkers and science report a jumpstart in metabolism, healthier digestive system, beautiful skin, and an immune boost.

2. Take a freezing cold shower

Yea, it will probably be pretty terrible. In fact, we know it will be the opposite of your usual long, languid warm morning shower. But research actually shows that taking a freezing cold shower in the morning has some major mental health benefits. The first reason? Once you put yourself through freezing water first thing in the morning, everything else in your day seems sunny and bright. Seriously, it will make your emotionally resilient. Two. You’ll be refreshed and awake from the onset. Three. Four. And more. Refines skin and hair. Improves circulation. Relieves stress. Eases depression. Soothes soreness.

3. Just Sit–and maybe add a stretch

Just sitting and doing nothing is majorly counterintuitive to our multi-tasking, non-stop brains and lives. But, oh boy do we need it. Just talk ten minutes and pop a squat right in the middle of the floor. Force yourself to just sit and do nothing for ten minutes. No TV. No phone. No cheating. You’ll feel less pressure than if you tried some serious meditation, but you’ll get the same reflective and relaxing benefits. When you’re done, roll on your back, put your legs over your head and do a light tug on your toes to get the blood flowing.

4. Wipe off your vanity

Or clean your sink, or put away your dishes…Choose one area to clean every night before bed. Make sure you choose a visible spot, preferable something you’ll see in the morning. And don’t half-ass it. Really make sure you scrub down your sink if that’s what you choose. It may seem odd, but this one act will relax you and make you feel in control and more organized even if life is spiraling out of control. Plus, in the morning you will feel much calmer and collected when you clean your dishes in a shining, pristine sink versus a smelly one, overflowing with dishes.

5. Use the first stall

Finally, someone has done a study to prove this. After analyzing 51 public restrooms, experts found that the stall closest to the restroom door consistently was the cleanest. Less privacy equals fewer bacteria.

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