Forget Coffee: 6 Apps You Need To Start Your Day

Let’s face it. We all spend wayyyyyy too much time in our beds double-tapping and scrolling our way through Instagram, tagging our roommates in far too many 45-second Tasty videos on facebook and taking Buzzfeed quizzes so we can figure out what kind of man we are going to marry based on our taste in cheese. What a time to be alive!

Here are a few Lala-approved apps guaranteed to get you a little more prepared for the day ahead and a little more informed about the world around you. Plus, knowing the latest on the presidential election will be a lot more helpful than knowing the 19 emotional stages of playing Pokémon Go as told by Mean Girls when you’re stuck in those awkward elevator moments or trying to make small talk with someone on your way to class.

The Skimm

If you haven’t heard about it, seriously check it out because over here at the Lala we rave, rave, rave about it. And now they have an app! Founded by two #girlbosses, the Skimm gives you the latest news on everything you need to be informed for your day all packaged up in a fun and fresh narrative. Plus, they just launched a new feature called Skimm Ahead, which syncs with your iCalendar to keep you up to date on everything from when the Olympics start and when the VMAs are to when you need to tune into the Dem/GOP Conventions and even reminds you when you need to get your dad a Father’s Day present. Basically, it’s your one-stop shop to survive the real world.


This app is perfect for your never-ending to-do list. With all kinds of special features, this app keeps you organized so you can finally start checking things off, and checking it each morning reminds you of what needs to get done today and what you can put off until later. Honestly, you’ll be wondering what you were doing all this time without it.


If you’ve always wanted to try meditation, now’s your chance. This app features a free level one course, and after you complete it you can purchase a subscription for only $8 per year. This app is customized to your needs allowing you to focus on specific aspects like health, performance, and relationships and tracks your personal journey within the app. It also has options for on-the-go, quick 2-minute sessions, or the full 10-minute meditation. I promise, you’ll never feel more mentally prepared for a jam-packed Monday.

Serial Reader

You know those classic books you’ve always wanted to read but could never find the time? Well here they are – and all condensed into short daily bits! The app divides your choice of classic book into daily bits that can easily be read in under 20 minutes and releases the next section in 24 hours. You’ll be flying through Pride and Prejudice in no time! Sounds pretty sweet right?

LinkedIn Pulse

This brilliant app uses your LinkedIn credentials to create a newsfeed catered to your career interests and connections. It’s the perfect app to crush the elevator-talk game at the office. If you haven’t set up a LinkedIn account yet, here’s another reason to get on it.


Last, but not least, Spotify. While this app might be old news to you, here is your reminder to use every aspect it offers. While it’s great to listen to while you’re driving to and from work, class, or the gym, check it out each morning. The Browse tab releases new playlists all the time so you can discover new music each morning. Try listening to a new playlist while you get ready, and before you know it you’ll be listening to the freshest tunes all day.

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