UncategorizedHow We’re Dealing With The One Direction Hiatus

How We’re Dealing With The One Direction Hiatus


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Raise your hand if you have ever felt personally victimized when a random person or distant-but-tries-to-still-be-hip aunt tells you, “Did you hear? One Direction is over!”

We get it. Having a hundred different voices talking about the hiatus and Zayn’s growing success is making us feel any better. It’s been a rough time. After all, the boys worked nonstop and spat out album after album for five straight years. We’re all having some withdrawals to say the least. But we’re dealing.

Here are some of my coping mechanisms that have helped me through the hiatus. Hopefully can they help you too.

Wearing my concert tees to sleep

Whether it’s the Take Me Home tour or On The Road Again tour shirt, it’s comfy AF and worth snoozing in. Also, it’s reminiscent of an unforgettable night filled with screams and off-key singing.

Watching old videos on Youtube

I think One Direction has such a huge fanbase not solely because of their music or their looks, but their charm. This generation of fan-girls and fan-boys feel as if they know the boys because of their observations from videos or social media. Watching their old video diaries, music videos, and even their recent carpool-karaoke video with James Corden will always make me laugh. Watching old videos reminds me why I fell in love with them.

Turning on “Up All Night” occasionally

Because why not?


One Direction has been overworked. Touring every single year while making albums and doing press, promotions, and advertisements simultaneously. It’s nice knowing they can breathe for once.

Having a Dance Party to “Rock Me”

Hit the pedal, heavy metal, show me you care,


Low-key enjoying Zayn’s New Songs Even Though I’m Slightly Still Bitter About His Departure. 

It’s fine. Whatever.

Ugly-crying in a fetal position late at night while listening to “Moments” or “Little Things”

You have to let it out somehow.

I think what makes a band special is when a band makes a person feel the something special;  happiness, sadness, love. Whatever music or words makes the heart beat hard connects to fans. No matter what is going on now, One Direction will live on always in our hearts.



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