Meet Lucie Fink, The Powerhouse Video Producer at Refinery29

If you haven’t heard of Lucie Fink, you’re seriously missing out. The woman does it all! She’s a stop-motion artist, a social media influencer, and a video producer at Refinery29.

As if that wasn’t enough, she also hosts multiple Youtube shows for the brand including “Lucie for Hire” and my personal favorite (and current binge), “Try Living With Lucie”. For the series, Lucie spends five days trying new things, and vlogs each day. She’s done everything from “5 days Of Natural Remedies” to “5 days Of Street Performing”. 

I stumbled across one episode of the series and that was it–I was hooked. The more I watched, the more I wondered “Wow, who is this girl and how did she get to where she is now?”.

After watching her recent TED talk about the importance of trying new things, as well as her “The Surprising Way I Started My Media Career” video, I knew I needed to get to know her.

I reached out, and Lucie was more than happy to answer some questions. Here’s what I learned:

You have a pretty cool job. Can you tell me about the career path that led you here?

The answer to this question is best found in this video. It literally will tell you everything about my career path, lol!

What’s it like working for Refinery29? Is there a typical day at your job?

R29 is a powerhouse company filled with bright and ambitious young women. The environment is dynamic, fast-paced, and totally DIY. My days here are always different. Some days I’m on set. Other days I’m just at my desk. And other days I’m running from meeting to meeting.

              photo courtesy of @luciebfink

You’ve done 54 episodes of “Try Living With Lucy”. What’s your favorite thing you’ve tried so far?

My favorite TLWL has been 5 days of facing my fears. That episode pushed me so far outside of my comfort zone and truly opened my eyes!

Is there anything you wouldn’t try for the series?

I would try most things honestly…but I likely wouldn’t do anything too dangerous!

Have you had any mentors, either in your personal or professional journey so far? If so, are there particular ones who stand out?

I’ve had various mentors at the jobs and internships I’ve had in the past. A very memorable one is Lisa Clunie, my colleague at Ogilvy & Mather who brought me over to Refinery29 in 2015.

How do you stay inspired?

I stay inspired by actively seeking out new methods of self care. I love doing yoga, cooking, and clearing my mind with mindful meditation.

               photo courtesy of @luciebfink

Is there a motto you try to live by?

My motto is: Be the light!

What advice would you give a college-aged girl?

Create your own content and build your own brand.

What’s one thing you worried about in college, now looking back, that you wish you hadn’t?

I was so nervous about finding a job, but I should have relaxed more. Everything happens in due time.

When you’re not producing and starring in videos for Refinery29, what do you do for fun? What does a typical Lucie Fink weekend look like?

I typically spend a lot of time with my family, boyfriend and friends. I love doing workout classes with my twin sister, Allie, and going out for a bite to eat with friends. I am also obsessed with movies and LOVE seeing movies (and discussing them at length) with my boyfriend, Michael.

              Lucie and Allie, photo courtesy of @luciebfink

What’s next for you? Do you have any future plans at the moment?

I never know what’s next, but that’s something I love about my job! Every day is different and new opportunities pop up all the time. It’s a bumpy ride, but I love it!

Follow all of Lucie’s adventures and colorful life @luciebfink!

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