No Girls’ Day Out Here: 7 Reasons Why Shopping Alone Is The Best

Think of the last time you went shopping, were you out with a group or did you fly solo? As fun as it is to shop with your friends, there is something really special about shopping alone. From finding your true style to staying on schedule, shopping alone might just make you rethink how to spend your next day off.

1) You won’t break the bank

When I’m out with my friends, I find myself kissing all of my financial responsibility plans goodbye and throwing my debit card at the nearest cashier. Being by yourself will let you step back and decide if that fifth pair of boots are really worth it when you haven’t even bought textbooks yet.

2) You can stay on schedule

When you’re shopping alone, you don’t have to worry about anybody else’s schedule. Only have 30 minutes? You can be super quick without feeling bad about rushing a group. Have an entire day free? You can spend the whole afternoon at the mall if you want and not have to worry about your sister getting bored. You’re actually being mindful about your time management, which is always a plus.

3) You are the only voice in the dressing room

Sometimes our friends give awesome opinions on clothing, and other times, not so much. Sure it’s nice to have a friend there to tell you that your slaying in that dress, but when they’re shutting down every pair of pants you thought were cute, it can be discouraging. Riding solo lets you be the only voice telling you what looks good. Trust us, you know what looks good on you, and you don’t need anybody else telling you that you’re wrong.

4) You can finally schedule in “me” time

It seems like no matter where we go these days, we have to be surrounded by a squad– social media seems to have bred a stigma that discourages us from going out alone. But girl, it turns out that spending quality time alone is important (so important in fact that other Lala girls have written about it here and here). It can help you unwind and check in with yourself, which believe us, is crucial to your sanity. And if the thought of having to be by yourself in public makes you cringe, step out of your comfort zone – we all have to start somewhere.

5) You decide which stores are on the list

Do you love thrift stores but your friends refuse to step foot in one? Or maybe your bestie loves the grunge style and you tend to gravitate towards the preppy look. Alone time means you decide what stores you go to and no one can be upset about it.

6) You can explore your unique style

Picking your favorite stores and listening to only your voice puts you on a clear path to finding your true style. Think about it, no outside opinions are subconsciously or consciously telling you what to buy. This leaves you free to pick out pieces that are unique to your style, whether it’s changing every day or has been carefully refined for years.

7) You are forced to make your own decisions

A problem we often deal with every day is making decisions, and shopping without a group allows you to really pick and choose what you’re going to buy. After resorting to your friends opinions, it can be difficult to solely listen to yourself, so having to rely on your own opinion for a change is rather refreshing.


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