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So, You’re Thinking About Going To A Concert Alone

There’s only three hours left until the show when you receive a text from your friend that says in longer and nicer words of course: “I’m not going.”

It seems like terrible news, and now you’re questioning if you should even go to the show. After all, who goes to shows alone? Well it turns out, a lot of people have. And you should too! It would be tragic to miss out on good music simply because you are scared of going alone.

On top of listening to cool tunes, you could also make friends and good memories. Anything could happen, so don’t throw away a potentially good experience out of fear. Worst case scenario, you saw a good show. Here are some things to remember when thinking about going to a concert solo.

Nobody is paying attention to you

It sounds harsh, but it’s true. Most likely, nobody will even notice that you’re alone. Especially if you’re in the back, against a wall, etc. Even if people do notice that you’re alone, I assure you nobody cares. It’s natural to make up scenarios in our heads that people are making fun of us, or feel bad for us, but it’s just not true. Nobody is thinking about you. People came to see the show, just like you! When the lights go off and the main act goes on, the whole crowd is one anyway. If you can get through the breaks in the show without over thinking, you’ll be in good shape.

Your fake texting is not helpful

It’s a proven fact that being on your phone will mess with your memories. You’ll hardly remember the show if you’re staring at a screen the whole time. This includes watching the show through your phone while recording; you’re just blocking the view. In addition, it’s also a fact that most people won’t approach someone who is staring at their phone. When you put the phone down and keep your head up, you might run into an old friend or even make new ones. Not to mention, you’ll pay more attention to your surroundings which will keep you safer. So, cut the fake texting and enjoy the music; after all, it’s the reason you came.

You can leave whenever you want

This is probably the best part of going to a show alone. You don’t have to make sure your friend is having fun. You don’t have to suffer through another hour because your friend is in fact having fun. If you’re loving it, you are free to stay and even talk to the band after. On the flip side, if you’re hating it, you don’t have to be there. Having freedom to do whatever you want without checking with someone else is just the best, and a pretty big perk of going to shows alone.

It’s okay to talk to people

Don’t be afraid to go out of your way to start a conversation, even if it’s only small talk about the band or the show. It’s not like you have to talk the entire time (considering there will be music playing for the majority), but a little small talk can change a stranger to a friend… or at least someone you’re more comfortable standing next to. Who knows, maybe you can infiltrate a show-going circle of friends to keep going out with.

So yeah it sucks when people cancel plans, especially plans for a show, but why should that stop you from going? If anything, this gives you the chance to have some freedom, meet some new people, and have new experiences. Take a deep breath, and enjoy the show.

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