Struggling To Find Your Dream Job? 4 Reminders For Recent Grads

We’re all looking to find our dream job. We want immediate success after graduating college, with all the responsibility and pride that comes with it. As a recent grad, I’ve been fortunate enough to have mentors who have provided incredible wisdom for discovering a career path and finding your own dream job.


The other day, a discussion began at work about what our first jobs were. Managers and co-workers alike spoke of their first jobs as teenagers working at amusement parks, grocery stores, or as office assistants. Everyone started somewhere. The experience of doing the little things and learning from others builds the path towards one day becoming your own boss. Everything you’re doing, no matter how small, is teaching you yet another skill set that will prepare you for your next job.


You never know who you are going to meet and what you can learn. A summer internship could provide you the chance to finally learn how to use Photoshop. A volunteer event could land you a contact for a big job in the city. Introduce yourself. Talk to everyone. My current job in local government allows me to work and get to know my city’s mayor and city council, which I would’ve never had the opportunity to do if I hadn’t started as an intern.


As you make more and more connections in the workplace, you will discover how easy it is to have a mentor.  Talk with your boss and co-workers about your interests and passions. Get to know them by asking what they studied in college and how they got into their current career. You’ll be surprised what you can take away from their stories, and you might just discover your own career path as well!


The best advice to finding your dream job? Keep a smile on your face. My boss likes to ask me, “Are you having fun?” every day, but especially during hectic days. This saying keeps things light and serves as a reminder to have fun, even when you’re stressed and running around. Just keep a positive attitude and hustle at every task you’re given.

So if you’re still searching for a job, take a breath. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Before you know it, you will have the skills, references, and mentors to land you that dream job.

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