The Ultimate 2016 Swimsuit Trend Pro & Con List

Now I refuse to tell you what to wear and what not to wear based on your “body type.” Because whatever you want to wear, wear it and don’t let anyone ever tell you not to. Anything will look good on you if you love it and feel comfortable in it. #boom

But if you’re curious which new suit is actually worth purchasing, we’ve compiled a pro and con list about the hottest swimsuits trends this season.



PRO: The patterns are always rocking, with more fabric the tops are normally eye-catching, look fantastic in photos, if you’re small chested it’s a perfect compromise.

CON: Tan lines are a little weird, be careful if they don’t have padding inside!!!!


PRO: Can be super comfy, color block ones look amazing ~swoon~

CON: Little support, most are unpadded and don’t have an underwire, can be temperamental since they’re hand crochet be careful that they don’t get snagged and unravel .


PRO: So many choices, beyond cool backs, awesome front designs all more exciting than your typical triangle top.

CON: Some weird tan lines may occur, fabric may feel a little thin and revealing.

One Piece

PRO: Patterns and styles can be intricate, beautiful and timeless. 

CON: Can feel restricting- if you’re used to two pieces they can feel a bit weird. Plus, peeing is awkward.

Wrap top

PRO: Automatic push-up and extra support if it ties.

CON: Some can smash you in the front if it’s not adjustable.


High Waisted

PRO: Comfy, some makes are super flattering and make your legs look longer!!!!!

CON: Very high tan lines, can cut off circulation around your stomach.

Thong bottoms

PRO: Risky but hot. If you’re ready for it ~go for it~

CON: Can be uncomfortable- don’t make the purchase if you plan to spend all summer around your Grandmother

Needless to say, all styles are worth a try, but test them out first. If you absolutely have to order online: read reviews, check the sizing guide, and read the return policy fully. If you love it and it makes you feel like a model- buy it, wear it, and rock it. 

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