Want The Best Back To School Ever? Ditch Social Media

Our lives practically revolve around social media.

We’re constantly instagramming, tweeting, and snapchatting our days, trying to make them look as fun and exciting as possible. And if anything, going back to school only amplifies this. We’re desperate for the next photo-op, eager to show our friends from home (and everyone else who follows us) how thrilled we are to be back at college.

For some people, this excitement is genuine, but even then, nobody’s life is perfect. Even the friends who seem like they’re practically living in an “I love college” music video are dealing with bad roommates, tough classes, and homesickness.

But does their social media show that? Of course not.

This is where social media becomes dangerous. It never paints the whole picture. We get to pick and choose what we show people. While this can be great in that nobody ever has to see that embarrassing photos of you dancing on a table last Saturday night if you don’t want them to, it’s also problematic. The way we use social media warps our perception of reality.

If you want to have a kick-ass first semester, ditch the social media. By taking a break from social media, you’ll be able to enjoy going back to school without comparing your experiences to your friends’. Because after all, whose experiences can live up to the picture perfect versions we put on social media? No one’s. Comparing your life to others’ on social media will only leave you feeling unsatisfied.

A social media detox will also allow you to live in the moment. You’ll be able to experience all those “firsts” and quintessential college experiences without wondering when your next insta-worthy moment will be. Also, it’s actually been proven that taking photos makes you less likely to remember a moment. And these moments are ones you won’t want to forget.

Now if you’re worried about not being able to show your friends and the rest of the world what a great time you’re having in college, don’t be. If anything, taking a hiatus from social media will make you more interesting. Anyone who truly cares about you will be left wondering what you’ve been up to. The next time you talk, you’ll have so much to tell them about your mysterious college life since it hasn’t been plastered all over social media.

Trust me, after the first week, you won’t even miss it. And if you do, you probably need to re-think your priorities.

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