We Asked 11 College Girls To Spill Their Worst First Kiss Stories

Let’s face it: first kisses are never not awkward. They’re not like the movies; there’s never any fireworks or pouring rain in the background. Sure, some are better than others. And some are definitely worse than others. We asked college girls all over the country about their worst first kiss experiences and got some pretty cringe-worthy stories.

Here is the Lala’s hilarious compilation of some of the worst first kiss stories:

My first kiss was in middle school. The next day he thanked me and told me he was gay.” -Melissa

“My friends told the boy’s mom (a professional photographer) what was going on and she tried to sneak up and take a picture of it.” -Angela

“My first kiss was in 7th grade under a stoplight on the sidewalk and of course my mom drove by right as it happened. She pulled over on the side of the street, walked over, and  pulled us apart. Then I got to go home, sit down and tell my dad to his face.” – Lexi

“I was playing hide and seek. The seeker found me – and kissed me. I immediately started crying in my best friends basement behind the toilet where I was hiding.” -Haley

“Freshman year I met this boy at Sunday school. One week, when I was waiting for my mom, he kissed me. I don’t know if he got nervous or what but he accidentally bit me. He had braces and I had to get two stitches.” -Emily

“In 8th grade my ‘boyfriend’  rode his bike from his house to my house while my family was out, and since I was a good little girl I told him we had the stay out on my back porch since my parents weren’t home and no boys were allowed in the house when mom and dad weren’t home. We stood on my back porch and he told me my eyes were sparkly like ~diamonds~ and then he kissed me. We stood there gazing into each other’s eyes until I saw a black expedition turn the corner (Mom and Dad)  so I ditched and made a break for it but as I was running back into my house I tried to jump over a pool chair and my foot got caught and I fell and busted my chin open. My parents still don’t know the real story.” -Sarah

“I missed! My boyfriend was going to football practice and I was going to service club and he went for it. I was nervous a teacher would see us and freaked and totally kissed his nose.” -Madeline

“My first kiss was in 6th grade but he was in 5th grade. He was so nervous that when we leaned forward to kiss he fainted and fell on top of me.” -Naomi

“ After my current boyfriend and I had been dating a few months, I got my second period ever. I wasn’t used to wearing tampons or even getting a period in the first place. We were making out, and I was on top of him. After I was done kissing/straddling him I got off and he had a blood stain on his khaki shorts. He ran to my bathroom and threw up.” – Kayla

“My first kiss was with a guy who thought making out meant using tongue ONLY.” -Becki

“We were watching a movie and I could literally feel him staring at me like his eyeballs were burning the side of my face. About halfway through I turned my head to him to tell him to quit staring at me like a creeper and he literally smacked me in the face with his lips.” -Jillian

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