Why Do “Chick Flicks” Get Such A Bad Rap?

Guy meets girl. Girl falls in love. Someone’s heart gets broken. Cut to a dramatic airport chase scene and we all know what happens next: they live happily ever after.

These are all common aspects of a romantic comedy, also dubbed “chick flicks.” But you know what does not happen often, if ever, within the realm of romantic comedies?

They win Academy Awards.

For once, I would like to see Kate Hudson stand up on a stage and tearfully thank everyone from her parents to the agent that offered her that award-winning role. (I also imagine she’d say something along the lines of “Thanks for killing our love fern Matthew McConaughey, this one’s for you!” but that’s beside the point.)

But why is it that this never happens?

I mean, think about how we can incorporate Mean Girls quotes into our everyday conversations. These films are not just about love and all it may entail, but are loved in and of themselves and yet, when the Academy Award nominations are announced, nothing but dramas are rarely featured.

I think this at least partially has to do with the term right here: chick flick. With these words being used often to refer to a romantic comedy, it paints the whole film genre in a light, fluffy, and not-so-serious light. Which, to all my sisters out there who live for that last minute profession of love scene, is simply not true.

Think about the cleverly written banter and dialogue that actors have to perform convincingly. Think about how many times Rachel McAdams has had to cry over the love of her life walking away from her. Or the fact that two people have to fake chemistry and somehow make you believe it is so unbelievably real. (Looking at you, Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds.) Even more so, romantic comedies more often than not show the power of women. Just looks at Legally Blonde, such an inspiring film for women everywhere and all it got was a sequel. Or what about Easy A, which has some of the most witty screenwriting I personally have ever known. “He got a Coke Zero again?! That Roman!”

But with the perception that these comedies featuring women mostly in the title role are light-hearted and cheesy, all of these aspects are thrown out the window. And yes, I know that there are some very thought-provoking, emotional, and touching romantic comedies out there that garner up enough attention and praise to be nominated for awards. In my opinion, it should be happening much more often because when it comes down to it, each film ever made is trying to tell a story and it’s our job to show them the love they so much deserve. After all, that’s what they are all about, isn’t it?

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