Fashion10 Ways To Effortlessly Look More French

10 Ways To Effortlessly Look More French


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French fashion has a certain je ne sais quoi us Americans can’t seem to put our finger on. The fashionistas of France continuously walk the line of classic and innovative- in YSL pumps, of course. From Coco Chanel to Clemence Poesy, the most iconic French fashion figures have made the next 10 trends distinctly French.

Skinny neck scarf, please

While your classic French woman won’t bother putting on statement jewelry for everyday wear, accessorizing by tying a small scarf around her neck completes her outfit. Luckily, this look is so in right now, so you won’t have any trouble finding a skinny scarf. To keep this accessory effortlessly French, stick to a rich, monochrome color palate to ensure it doesn’t dominate your look.

Cut some bangs

If you really want to convince people you vacation in Nice during the summer and Paris during the winter, you must master the French woman’s hair. The key to this look is by changing up your hair with some bangs. The best part of this look is how you style it- the messier, the better. We can totally sacrifice a few inches off the front of our hair if that means we can sleep in longer.

Forget what’s “trendy”

The French woman oozes confidence. One common characteristic of confident people is not caring what others think. This translates to fashion by recognizing what’s considered trendy, and not necessarily following those trends, but making them your own. When it comes to French fashion, simplicity and class will always trump the fast-fashion buzz.

Tailor, tailor, tailor

The most impeccable outfits are those that fit perfectly in all the right places. Think about styling tailored trouser pants, meticulous blazers, and fitted blouses.

Ditch the heels

Women who live in France are all about practicality. Running from one end of Cannes to the other in search of the perfect Rosé and cheese combination can get tiring. Thankfully, the loafer hype has made its way to America, so all of your favorite stores have a ton in stock at the moment.

Undo it

The life of a French woman is busy. If she’s running out the door in the morning to catch her train, she might not have time to tuck in her shirt all the way, button her collar or tie her coat. This effortless, I-just-woke-up-like-this, purposely unpolished look is so appreciated, especially on hectic Monday mornings.

Pick one standout feature

Whether it be a red lip, embellished broach or stylish hat, limit yourself to one piece you want to spotlight. Overdoing it isn’t going to work in the effortlessly French fashion handbook; less is more.

Wear a trench- in all weather conditions

Sunny weather? Wear a trench coat. Rainy weather? Wear a trench coat. Windy weather? You guessed it, wear a trench coat. This classic piece will make anyone look more polished, refined and stylish.

Neutral over neon

If you ever go to France, it won’t take you long to realize French women wear mostly dark colors every day. One essential part to the French fashion puzzle is sticking to a neutral color palate in your clothing. This doesn’t mean every outfit you wear has to be boring; take advantage of patterns, textures, and shoes.

Collect signature items

If you haven’t gotten the idea by now, French fashion is all about simplicity and originality. Establish your personal style by investing in a few pieces that exemplify what style means to you, and you’ll be sure to stand out.


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