4 Apps Every News Junkie Needs To Download

It seems like every morning I’m waking up to a screen full of news notifications. How can we even begin to cipher through the news and decide what we want to know and what we need to know?

In high school, I swear I never knew about anything in the news, even when I had the answers right at my fingertips. Over my years in college, I’ve become quite the news junkie, and I’m always looking for a more interactive experience. As I’m sure most of you are too.

In a time when news is constantly being reported to you from every which way possible, it can be hard to stay interested. But, the power to have knowledge of our world is incredible and worth your while.

Check out these news apps that are keeping it real with the modern time and tech.


It’s more than likely that you send at least one text a day, which means you’ll to love this app. Quartz, is designed to send you “text” messages containing top business news stories. Although you’re not actually writing your own responses, the app allows you to pick if you if you want to know more or move on, ultimately creating your own news experience. Along with it, you’ll receive the occasional gif or emoji that goes along with what’s happening.


Never have enough time to read all the news? Digg is here to save the day. And I meant save, literally. Through the app you can save any story to your account to read later. This is pretty awesome considering by the end of your busy day you’ve probably can’t remember everything you wanted to learn about. However, it’ not quite the hard-hitting news you get from CNN. From documentaries, to podcasts, to just plain ole articles, there’s an endless variety of random, interesting news.


If you’re like me and are obsessed with Pinterest, get ready to make room for a new love. With tons of different tag categories­—from hard-hitting news to fluffy puppies—you get customize what you see as news. To navigate, select a category and swipe in an upward motion until you find a story to click. Similarly once you’re reading the story, you flip it up to continue. It’s a fun, interactive way to learn what you want about the world.

Yahoo News Digest

At what times of the day do you normally consume news? If you answered first thing in the morning and before bed in the evening, then Yahoo News Digest is a great app to download. The app selects eight larger trending stories and provides snippets of the most important information. Plus, it keeps track of your reading progress, so you know what you’ve read already. You could even challenge yourself to read the morning and evening report every day for a month, keeping a streak like you would in Snapchat.

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