A Not-So-Typical Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

We all have our mixed feelings and opinions about Valentine’s Day. And oftentimes those feelings flip flop year-to-year depending on our relationship status come February 14th.

While I’ve been in the #singlegirlswag category for the majority of my Valentine’s Days, one thing has remained true that I’ll always love about this holiday: it’s girly and pink and candy is the main event. What’s not to love about that?

Each year I try to celebrate by letting the people in my life that I love know how much they mean to me through a small, yet thoughtful gesture. Something a step beyond a heart-shaped box of chocolates, but below diamond necklace status. It fills me with the warm fuzzies reminding people that I just love the heck out of them.

Here are some of my gift ideas for this Valentine’s Day that won’t break the bank but are special enough for the most special people you know.

A Dressed Up Bottle Of Wine

A bottle of wine is always a crowd pleaser and very rarely does anyone “re-gift” one. You basically can’t go wrong. But sometimes it can feel a bit generic.

Step it up with a personalized wine label and lucky for you we’ve created a bunch. Simply download, print, cut it out and wrap it over the current label. Or if you’re getting really sneaky and want there to be no evidence that the bottle was only $2.99, scrub off the original label with a little hot water and soap. We won’t tell anyone.

Download “Baby You’re My Everything” label

Download “You + Me” label

Download “Relationship Status” label

Download “Yes Way Rosé” label

Download “Love Potion” label

Download “Hug….e Bottle of Wine” label

A Burnt CD

So your Valentine may have to dust off their old Discman for this one, but there’s something so fun about listening to a curated list of songs. Plus knowing that you can’t create a 100+ song Spotify playlist means you have to be extra selective with the 15-20 songs that fit on your disc. Quality over quantity.

Be extra thoughtful and write down for each song why it reminds you of them.


Date Certificate

Whether it’s a roomie dinner date or a trip to a cool new art exhibit with your main squeeze, nothing says “you mean the world to me” than quality time together. Print off one of the coupons we designed and add a sweet personal message on the back.

Download “Let’s Eat My Treat” hamburger coupon

Download “Let’s Eat My Treat” pizza coupon

Download “You’re So Cultured” coupon

Galentine’s Cootie Catcher

Can you say throwback?

Valentine’s day falls on a weekend this year which means lots of romantic getaways for the lovers and plenty of single friend fun for the rest of us.

Whether you’re planning a night in with your pals or you’re hitting the town, if cocktails are involved, this cootie catcher drinking game needs to be too.

Print out our version and whip it out as soon as that pitcher of margaritas comes, or create a few of your own.

Download “Galentine’s Cootie Catcher

Personalized Candy

The way to just about about anyone’s heart is through their stomach and chocolate is pretty much the best way to do that. But grabbing any old candy bar makes it seem like you didn’t put much thought or effort into it.

We love the idea of creating a bunch of your own personalized M&Ms through the My M&Ms website. You can select your color scheme, sayings and clipart you want on your candy. You can even upload photos to be printed on them. Imagine printing your BFF’s beloved cat on to M&Ms for her – she’d freak out.

We love the idea of putting fun quirky sayings on them like…

Create your own blends with 25 colors and add a personal touch with your photos, messages and a clipart library for any occasion printed right on the candy! Check out more Valentine specific ideas here.


A Quirky Wall Print

A wall print or piece of art is the best way to remind your valentine every day just how much you care about them. Imagine waking up each morning and seeing “ily” written on a cake on your wall.

We had some cakes decorated with fun sayings and photographed them. Download one of these prints and send to your local photo printer, or hit up the bakery and create your own. The more personalized the message, the cooler it will be. Bonus: you get to eat cake afterwards.

Click to download full size

Click to download full size

Click to download full size

Click to download full size

A Vacation Rental Giftcard

Giving someone the gift of a getaway might be the best idea ever. But planning a spontaneous kidnapping and road trip to South Padre Island takes a lot of planning, money and someone always forgets to pack a swimsuit in the rush.

A giftcard to a vacation rental site means your Valentine gets to pick when and where they want to get away to, which could even be a fancy staycation for the weekend. Chances are they’ll bring you along.

Whether you’re single, dating or “it’s complicated” don’t let your relationship status get in the way of showing the people in your life how much you love them this February 14th.

valentine’s day gift guide 

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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