DIY Boho Christmas Tree

Looking for an adorable alternative to the traditional Christmas tree decorations? Look not further. We’ve come up with tips on how to spruce up (pun intended) your tree this year, boho-style.

Check out the video below and our tips:


Hand painted ornaments

Hit up your local craft store, grab some simple cardboard and wood ornaments, various acrylic paints, and go to town. It helps if you pick a color scheme to stick within to give it a cool look. For our tree, we stuck with corals, pinks and blue-tones.

We recommend sticking to simple patterns like stripes, triangles and dots to give your ornaments that cool geometric vibes.

Also, add a little shine with spray adhesive and glitter, or metallic tape.


glitter-covered feather ornaments

To create the feather ornaments, simple spray the tip of a craft feather with glue adhesive and sprinkle some glitter on. To create a cool effect, use multiple colors of glitter to get an ombre look.


wire ornaments

We found some thick and easily bendable (that is key) floral wire and bent pieces into words like “love” and “merry”. Choosing short words makes the bending process a lot easier. You can also create simple shapes like hearts or a crescent moon.

We decided to use the extra leftover wire to create our tree topper. We stuck to a classic star but created a more imperfect version. We love the character it has.


happy holidays!



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