Take It All Off: Why You Should Sleep Naked

I remember some of my earliest pairs of pajamas. Adorable little fleece ensembles with moon and star patterns or Disney characters, followed by more sophisticated striped sets to match my mature middle school self. I also remember the distressing sleeps and sweats these adorable nighties caused. And then I tried sleeping naked and my life was changed. Suddenly I could move about the cabin of my bed with ease, fall asleep in half the time, and not wake up in sweaty strangulated positions. In that moment I joined just 17% of Americans who sleep naked.

Disgusting? Unhealthy? Weird? Nope, nope, and nope. The science is in, and sleeping in the buff is actually healthier than sleeping in your Victoria’s Secret sleep shirt. Here’s why:

Your Vagina Will Thank You

Tight undies can be a warm breeding ground for unhealthy bacteria in your vagina. When you forgo undies for you sleep sesh your lessen the risk for bacteria build up and give your chance for your vagina to just breath. Ahhh. Happy vagina, happy life.

You’ll Sleep Better

Study after study has proven that when you are colder at night, you sleep better. Haven’t we all had that hot, sleepless sweat-drenched night when your adorable silken night shirt betrays you and locks you in a sweaty death grip from which there is no escape? That night shirt is actually messing with your body’s natural cooling and circadian rhythms. But worry not, there is a quick fix. Strip. Take off the clothes and you’ll enter a perfectly cool sleep.

Hey Sexy

Sleeping naked will make you feel sexier and more comfortable with every part of your body. Going to bed naked is sexy. Waking up naked is sexy. Feeling confident with your naked body?Double sexy.

Better Hair. Better Skin

Really you’ll just all around look better. Less sweat at night means less sweat build up on your scalp, which can lead to breakage and greasy roots and an unnecessary morning shower. High body temperature during sleep also stops the production of melatonin and plasma growth hormone, which keep your skin glowing and hair looking luscious as can be.

It’s Like Working Out In Your Sleep

Well, not exactly. But human growth hormone (HGH), is released when you get a sound sleep, which helps with muscle definition and weight loss. No clothes+less sweating+more HGH=a slimmer, stronger you. So while no you won’t wake up a ripped Olympic goddess after a night of nude sleep, you’ll be one mini step closer.


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