Wait – Why Is Everyone Drinking Collagen?

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Eat this. Drink that. Buy this.

Every year, there is a new health trend that women across the world buy into in hopes of improving their health and appearance in some way, and this year is no different.

Recently, health magazines and social media influencers alike have been raving about drinking collagen. I typically don’t keep up with the latest health fads, but everyone seems to be buying into it. While celebrities and beauty gurus boast about the array of collagen benefits, I couldn’t help but have a pessimistic outlook on this trend. If I didn’t learn about it in health class, it’s probably not that important, right? Let’s find out.

Collagen is a protein in our bodies that, according to Dr. Axe, is “the ‘glue’ that helps hold the body together.” Okay, sounds necessary.

According to Dr. Axe’s article, collagen can improve hair and skin health, reduce joint pain, boost your metabolism and help with liver health – and that’s only the start of the benefits. I thought for a second that it sounds too good to be true, but then I read that Jennifer Aniston drinks a collagen smoothie and suddenly I was a believer. I mean, come on, Jennifer is 26 years older than me but somehow looks so much better – is this her secret?

By this point, you’re probably convinced too, but does it really work? The latest trend is to drink collagen in a powder form and mix it in with a morning drink to, supposedly, reap a variety of benefits. However, according to many articles, this may not really be getting the collagen to your skin in the way you hoped. According to a SELF magazine article, the collagen you ingest will be distributed to the areas that need it most, and your skin isn’t at the top of that list. I know, we talked about so many other benefits, but let’s be real, we want to see the results. That being said, people like Kourtney Kardashian swear by collagen (bible!), so the jury’s still out on this health fad, but I’m siding with the medical professionals.

Ultimately, drinking collagen may not be the most sure-fire way to see physical results. That being said, testing out this new trend is totally up to you. If adding collagen to your diet makes you feel better and adds a hop to your step, that’s great. If you’re not really buying it, that’s fine too. There will always be a new fad that claims it will change your life, making you a more beautiful and healthy person, but the most important change you can make is an appreciation for yourself and the uniqueness of your own body. No, I won’t “glam shame” you if you decide to test out a fun new trend, but make sure it’s not stemming from a place of self-doubt – I’m sure you’re great as-is.

So, before you fall into an internet spiral looking for the next great health trend, ask yourself if you’re doing this because it makes you feel good, or if it’s coming from a place of pressure because everyone is doing it. And remember – we only get one body, so make sure you’re doing the proper research before jumping on another bandwagon.

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